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The key to achieving a natural looking hairline with a lace frontal is properly customizing and installing your hair.

In a few steps, your lace frontal can be seamlessly undetectable and natural looking.

STEP 1: Bleaching the Knots

Bleaching the knots is imperative to making the lace on your frontal blend with your scalp.

At first, I thought this step was not necessary, but immediately upon doing so, I noticed that the lace on my frontal looked even more like my scalp.

Knots are tiny little specks at the root of the hair extension that can look like small dots on your scalp if you do not bleach them. When bleaching the knots turn your frontal inside out.


STEP 2: Pluck the Frontal

Once your hair is dry use tweezers to pluck the front of the hair to create a more natural looking hairline.

No one’s natural hairline looks like a hard edge line, and this step will help you achieve a more natural look.


Define part

We can also do a predefined part for you. Curve or straight, left, right or center. Please indicate in the notes on your order.


STEP 3: Create Baby Hair

One of my favorite things about lace frontals is the fact that you can create baby hairs.

Notice how customization took three steps? Customization of your frontal is just as important as installation when it comes to wearing it.



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